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MITP Community in Numbers

  • 1 700+
    resident companies
  • 18 400+
    tech talents
  • 21 000+
    employees in resident companies
  • 69% / 31%
    men / women
  • +1 900
    new jobs in 2023
  • 39
    origin countries of investors
Benefits of MITP Residency
The 7% Single Tax
The 7% single tax replacing the entire tax burden of companies and employees. The lowest state burden in CEE
Digital Residency
Conduct business activities in Moldova with a digital-only presence in the IT Park
Online management
Online interaction with MITP. Fully digitalised interaction between the Residents and MITP administration.
Remote Work Flexibility
Empower your employees to work within or outside Moldova, without territorial restrictions
Facilitates quick Moldovan work permits for expats: 2 years for IT specialists, 4 years for IT managers, extendable. Family members also eligible for residency for the same duration
Community & Networking

Access to the biggest Moldovan tech community and the opportunity to participate at events organised by MITP
MITP Community Opportunities
360° Digital Platform
MITP's dynamic space connecting Moldova's IT community. Share ideas, find partners, and create business opportunities
Stay up to date with the Community News&Events
Access www.mitp.md and be informed about the latest community News and Events of the ecosystem
Be a Contributor on www.mitp.md
Register on the MITP Platform and notify the community about your Events and News, upload Tenders and Job Applications trough your Community Account
    Learning Center
    Turning Expertize into Entrepreneurial Power in IT. Finance & Legal Webinars
    R2R is and expert exchange program among resident companies, fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration
    Season 1
    Season 2
    A networking program tailored for all MITP residents (new and existing ones)
    within and outside the community
    PayWell Moldova. Salary & Benefits Study
    Comprehensive annual survey by PwC on salary and benefits trends in Moldova’s IT local market
    Moldova Innovation Awards (MIA)
    Annual gala recognizing outstanding innovations, tech startups, and contributors in Moldova’s tech scene.
    Bi-annual event highlighting local IT sector evolution,
    MITP initiatives, and key tech community topics.
    Turning Expertize into Entrepreneurial Power in IT. Finance & Legal webinars
    MITP Community of 21 k+ Employees

    Here’s what people say about being part of our community
    Anton Perkin
    CEO of FusionWorks
    The main support of MITP is the 7% tax incentives, which are well-known. But MITP is more than that. It's a partner that addresses tax issues, fosters healthy relationships, and crucially, attracts foreign companies to our sector.
    Valentina Botnaru
    Communication Manager, Automate Software
    Such events as Resident2Resident are important for two reasons: establishing the tradition of having a united community and breaking the stereotype that the world must compete. It's better to work together towards success.
    Elena Mutruc
    Customer Success Manager, Pentalog
    The resident status means, first and foremost for us, being part of a community, being part of a context with stability and predictability in the Republic of Moldova.
    Ion Girleanu
    Country Manager, Stefanini Group
    The collaborative environment fostered by MITP has propelled our growth, and we're excited about the future. Moldova's commitment to technology and the partnership with MITP align perfectly with our company's future plans, ensuring continued success and global competitiveness in the ever-evolving tech landscape.
    Vasile Valcov
    Chief Commercial Officer at Salt Edge
    We are confident in the positive results that our continued membership will bring to our company and, in return to the country as a whole. We are proud to be a resident of MITP and grateful for its support throughout the years in our journey towards excellence.
    Petru Haheu
    Centre Director Amdaris
    Amdaris stands testament to the symbiotic relationship between the IT sector and MITP, charting a trajectory of success. As we look ahead, our future plans are anchored in continued collaboration with MITP, propelling innovation, creating jobs, and elevating Moldova's stature in the global tech landscape.
    Elena Ivanova
    Director PBP & Managing Director for Moldova Office
    MITP has played a pivotal role in Moldova's investment and operations....Moldova's dynamic community and passionate people shape the vision for sustained growth. 
Moving forward, we wish MITP more collaborations and investments in the local market, aligning with residents' challenges to meet evolving tech market demands positioning Moldova as a key player in the technological landscape.
    Nikolay Manolov
    CTO, Co-Founder
    With the help of MITP, Moldova is an excellent location for a back office and development team. At XOR.AI, we build a world-class solution in our niche and help the local community through Startup Moldova and MITP events. We plan to keep building our company and presence in Chisinau, aiming to become a billion-dollar business one day.
    Carlson William Bull
    Founder /Exec. Creative Director at Bully! Entertainment
    MITP has been instrumental to our development as a creative studio .... We look forward to a continued relationship with MITP and the larger Moldovan creative communities as we expand the organization, invest in the development of our creative teams and explore new production and development workflows. We see a very bright future in Chisinau!
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